Finding Why

Every person alive deserves to live each day in a state of awe, filled with joy. While some folks try to achieve that with money and things, I know that the only way to experience real joy, to live a life worth living, to be in your element, is to have a purpose, a direction and reason in life; in short, to know why.

Even the sharpest among us sometimes has trouble ferreting out their own motivations; realising their own why. It’s not because there’s something wrong with you. Just like it would be hard to read the label from inside the bottle, you can’t see yourself clearly.

I’m Joel D Canfield, and I can help you read your own label, to find why, to get you unstuck, and into your element.

You’ve reached a point in your life where you feel stuck. You’re not making the progress toward your personal or professional goals that you feel you should be making. Everything is a little harder than it should be and you can’t sort out why.

I can.

What Makes Me Think I’m So Special?

I have an innate ability which I have carefully cultivated to help people find the right questions to ask themselves. I don’t have the answers for you; your answers are in your head. My talent is to ask questions that lead you to those answers; to help you find your element.

Every single client I have ever had has at some point in our relationship said to me, “Joel, I never thought of that before.” Most of them have also said, “Joel, you changed my life.”

I am a deeply compassionate person and a highly creative problem solver. If you feel stuck, if you don’t live with awe and joy every day, let’s talk about how you can change that—because I can help.

Don’t Struggle Alone

I truly want to help anyone who is stuck in a life they don’t love intensely.

Read about how I help. Then, let me show you that I can.

Finding Why Makes What & How Become ClearFinding Why