What Was the Question?

Having spent the past 6 months cranking out 6 books (besides plenty of other work) I’m feeling a little vacant, mentally. Active, fired up, ready for what’s next, but not positive in the short run what that is. So I thought I’d ask you.

?What would you like to read about? What concerns you or confuses you? What gaps in your learning would you like to fill, even just a little? What’s hard for you right now, keeping you stuck or pushing you too hard or the wrong direction?

I’ve missed our chats here. I thrive on conversation, and I haven’t had enough the past 6 months.

What should we talk about?

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? It's not a conversation until you say something. Go ahead. Speak up.

4 Responses to What Was the Question?

  1. Tom Bentley says:

    Joel, I may have missed it, but did you do a “What I learned after a year on the road” post? I’d love to see a summary of what you loved, what didn’t pass through your digestive tract (metaphorically, of course), what Satan whispered to you when you were at your weakest, what you shouted to Satan when you were at your strongest, what Fiona thinks of Mitt Romney—you know, that stuff…

  2. Rex Williams says:

    What’s hard for me right now?
    The difference between wanting to be an ‘author’ and being willing to ‘do the work’ to make that desire a reality.

    Maybe I just need to read that book again.

    Wait, then I wouldn’t be doing work, ok, forget that.

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