You’re Stuck, Aren’t You?

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Tell me where you’re stuck. What’s not working? What’s not moving? Where are you banging your head against the wall instead of making progress?

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? It's not a conversation until you say something. Go ahead. Speak up.

12 Responses to You’re Stuck, Aren’t You?

  1. Shanna Mann says:

    I know this technique! “Always ask whatever question you have. Half the people in class are probably wondering the same thing, but are too scared to put up their hand”

  2. Karen J says:

    Not to mention, that ‘putting together the phrasing of the question’ can spark insights and AhHahs, too :) Huzzah!

  3. Rex says:

    Is it called ‘stuck’ if you’re moving in other areas, and not in one particular area?

    • Stuck is when you’re trying to move, but can’t.

      In that one particular area, are you trying to move? If no, then no, you ain’t stuck.

      On the other hand . . .

      • Oh, I’ll go ahead and call you out publicly, Rex.

        I can feel your lizard brain from here, what, 3,000 miles away? Your gut-wrenching yet well-controlled terror that finishing this book will change the world’s expectations of you is exactly right.

        When you finish this brilliant piece of writing on curiosity, we’ll never again see you as some guy who works for a big airplane manufacturer. You’ll be a writer, a thinker, an inspiration, and challenger linchpin type.

        Here’s the thing: you are already those things. Finishing that book is only an outward display of what you already are.

        Let’s get your amygdala on the phone and give it the word:

        Rex is no longer afraid to take his place as a leader who inspires others to revel in the greatest learning tool of the human mind: curiosity.

        • Rex says:

          I guess I asked for it didn’t I?

          You’ve got an amazing sixth (or seventh) sense, Joel.

          Maybe I just enjoy being your favorite project.

          Or maybe I’m conducting a case study on the most difficult subject, myself.

          • Here’s an experiment: let’s see what this challenging subject does when he ships his book. Does he overcome his fears? Does his perception shift, or will the next one be just as hard?

            There’s one way to find out . . .

            (Also, I’m using that seventh sense comment.)

          • Rex says:

            hmmmm… I’m curious…

  4. Karen J says:

    There’s another possibility, too – it may not be really “stuck” – but “incubating”, or “cocooning” – letting things grow quietly for a bit…
    A butterfly takes as long as it takes, no matter how much ‘in a hurry’ we (or the caterpillar) may be to see it.

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